The Landscape’s Burning Red!

Are you a B-52’s fan? Man, I love the B-52’s.

They were my very first musical obsession — like, we’re talking piles of cassettes nearly worn through from repeated plays, an encyclopedic recall of lyrics and references, and where most of my peers could plunk out ‘Chopsticks’ or ‘Heart and Soul’ on a piano, mine was the ability to play a respectable intro to ‘Planet Claire’. They were also my first concert experience; I was 9 years old and my parents decided it was due time I saw my favorite band at the Jones Beach amphitheater. It was magic.

23+ years and some serious evolution in musical preferences later, the B-52’s still remain one of my favorite aural diversions and a constant go-to source of get-up-and-go. Kate Pierson can still gives me chills.

So what the eff does this have to do with vegan baking??

The title of this post (The Landscape’s Burning Red!) is a reference to ‘Bushfire’ from the B-52’s 1989 comeback album ‘Cosmic Thing’. The song, ostensibly about dancing and partying around a (you guessed it) bushfire, is truly about bending to the will and heat of forbidden desires, being torn between what’s right and what feels good. It’s about looking to where that desire’s burning up over the horizon and going to it — in spite of “better judgement”, in the face of opposition and naysaying. Because it feels good and because it’s what your heart’s telling you to do.

So what the eff does this have to do with vegan baking??

Sweet Dukes is planning something pretty big.

It’s a risk, it goes against our better judgement, and, hell, it may not even happen at all. So why spout about it here?

Because we’re beyond excited about this possibility and we want you to be a part of our excitement. We want you along for the ride. Because it feels good and because it’s what our hearts are telling us to do.

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Keep dancing to your own burning fire!

More as it develops.